Zanzi’s constant presence in different sectors (aeronautical, motor racing, motorbike racing, high and medium speed diesel engines for ships and power plants) has enabled the company to gain vast experience thanks to which Zanzi today can offer solutions that combine efficiency, quality and high performance.

The appreciation shown by Zanzi’s customers is the outcome of its work methods which are developed by focussing constantly on each customer’s technical and organizational requirements and problems.
Through its continuous collaboration with the leading companies in the engine sector, Zanzi has been able to perfect and enlarge its assortment of products that today includes a wide range of components, hundreds of models in different market segments.

Our product range includes:
– mono- and bi-metallic intake and exhaust valves
– sodium cooled drilled stem and hollow head valves
– hollow valves
– valves made of special and other Titanium alloys
– valve seats
– valve guides
– lash caps
– tappets