High Technology

All on-site production
Despite current trends in the organization of production and business processes, Zanzi has for many years pursued an ‘on-site production’ policy with the aim of having full and total control of the production cycle.

Almost everything, from acceptance of raw materials to delivery of the final product, is carried out on Zanzi’s premises (with the exception of few very specific coatings which, for financial reasons, are out-sourced to selected and reliable suppliers) guaranteeing the highest possible standards in traceability of the product, reproduction and reliability of the process and in production flexibility and delivery times.

Research and Development
Zanzi’s commitment to R & D is on-going and determined by its presence in several sectors, a situation that requires the company to carry out this activity on different projects at the same time and, as a result, to be able to capitalize on the results by applying them across the different sectors.

Alongside traditional areas of R & D such as weight reduction, reduction of wear and tear, Zanzi is carrying out research into new materials (inter‑metallic alloys), new coatings and new production processes in collaboration with major research institutes and universities.

Clients have a crucial role to play on this front, too; listening, understanding and studying their problems in the greatest detail is always the first step in finding the key to developing innovative and satisfactory solutions to their respective new needs.